Car Storage and mechanical support

Our car facility based at Elstead West Sussex (approximately 20 minutes away from the Goodwood motor racing circuit) , is a dry wooden building that can house up to 8 cars comfortably . We have a full set of tools and machinery that would be available to tenants at the facility in order to maintain any classic vehicle. Barry who is our resident mechanic / body work specialist, is available at very competitive prices, he can also over look a project at and co-ordinate with sub contractors for specific jobs we cannot do in house. As we are maintaining our own vehicles, we are providing this service at cost for those cars that our stored at our facility. Rather then charge a hourly rate for body work, restoration and mechanical work , we charge just a daily rate for Barry’s work which is basically at cost to the facility.


Storage of Cars

Storage £ 25 per week per car,
£100 per month

Storage of Formula Cars

Small Formula vehicles such as a Formula Ford or Junior £15 per week,
per month


£125 per day


£15.00 per hour, basic mechanical work , oil changes etc , including cleaning and valeting .